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5 Star Security

Dahua DHI-NVR4216-16P-AIANZ 16CH AI Series NVR with 3TB HDD

Dahua DHI-NVR4216-16P-AIANZ 16CH AI Series NVR with 3TB HDD

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Elevate your security system with next-level intelligence using the Dahua DHI-NVR4216-16P-AIANZ Network Video Recorder (NVR) from 5Star Security. This advanced NVR boasts powerful AI features, ample storage capacity, and versatile compatibility – making it the ideal solution for comprehensive security monitoring with built-in analytics.

  • Face Detection & Recognition: Identify authorized personnel and receive alerts for unrecognized faces entering restricted areas.
  • Perimeter Protection: Draw virtual tripwires and receive alerts when movement crosses designated zones, minimizing false alarms from irrelevant motion.
  • Smart Motion Detection (SMD Plus): Focus on important movements like object abandonment or scene changes, ensuring you receive timely notifications for potential security threats.
  • High-Definition Recording: Supports recording from multiple high-resolution security cameras, allowing for clear identification of people, objects, and activities.
  • Ample Storage: Pre-installed 3TB hard drive capacity offers ample storage for recorded footage.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with various Dahua and third-party network cameras, providing flexibility for your security system design.
  • Secure Data Protection: Security Baseline 2.3 compliance ensures robust data protection measures for your recorded footage.

  • Expert Advice & System Design: Our security specialists will help you design a security system that meets your needs and budget. We can recommend compatible Dahua cameras and ensure optimal functionality with the DHI-NVR4216-16P-AIANZ NVR.
  • Professional Installation Services: Our certified technicians will ensure proper installation and configuration of your NVR for optimal performance.
  • Complete Security System Integration: We can integrate the Dahua NVR with your existing security system for a unified solution.