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5 Star Security

Dahua DHI-NVR4208-8P-AIANZ 8CH AI Series NVR with 3TB HDD

Dahua DHI-NVR4208-8P-AIANZ 8CH AI Series NVR with 3TB HDD

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Fortify your Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast property with a comprehensive security solution using the Dahua DHI-NVR4208-8P-AIANZ Network Video Recorder (NVR) from 5Star Security. This feature-rich NVR boasts built-in storage, intelligent recording capabilities, and centralized control – making it ideal for building a powerful security system with AI-powered features and ample storage for peace of mind.

  • Centralized Management for Up to 8 Cameras: Connect and manage up to 8 Dahua security cameras for a unified monitoring system. View live footage, playback recordings, and manage all your cameras from a central location with ease.
  • Intelligent Recording with Dahua AI: Leverage the power of built-in AI features to enhance your security. This NVR supports AI functions from Dahua cameras, such as face detection and recognition, perimeter protection, and smart motion detection. Focus on what truly matters and receive alerts only when necessary.
  • Pre-installed 3TB Hard Drive for Storage: This NVR comes equipped with a 3TB hard drive, providing ample storage capacity for recordings. You can record for extended periods and ensure critical footage is captured and easily accessible for playback.
  • Expandable Storage for Growing Needs: Even with the pre-installed storage, you can further expand the storage capacity of this NVR by adding additional hard drives if needed in the future. Our security specialists can recommend compatible hard drives for optimal performance.
  • Reliable Network Connectivity: Connect the NVR to your network for remote access and live monitoring. View your security cameras from anywhere with an internet connection, providing peace of mind and the ability to check on your property remotely.

  • Expert Advice & System Design: Our security specialists will help you design a security system that meets your needs and budget. We can recommend compatible Dahua cameras and ensure they work seamlessly with the DHI-NVR4208-8P-AIANZ NVR for an optimal AI-powered security solution.
  • Professional Installation Services: Our certified technicians will ensure proper installation and configuration of your NVR for optimal performance and reliable recording.
  • Complete Security System Integration: We can integrate the Dahua NVR with your existing security system for a unified solution.