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HiLook IPC-T261H-MU 6MP Acusense Lite Turret Camera with Mic 2.8mm Lens

HiLook IPC-T261H-MU 6MP Acusense Lite Turret Camera with Mic 2.8mm Lens

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The HiLook 6MP Security Camera offers high-definition image quality, a built-in microphone for two-way communication, and all-weather durability – making it a great choice for budget-conscious security monitoring. It is an outdoor turret camera with a 2.8 fixed lens and an IR range of 30m and includes a mic. It can provide clear imaging against strong back light due to 120dB true WDR technology and is perfect for outdoors as it is water and dust resistant with a IP67 rating. Protect your Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast property with a reliable and affordable security solution from 5Star Security.

  • Sharp, High-Definition Images: Capture crisp, 6MP resolution footage for easy identification of people, objects, and activities of interest, day or night. This level of detail allows you to zoom in on specific areas without compromising image clarity, crucial for accurate monitoring and potential evidence collection.
  • Enhanced Security with Two-Way Communication: The built-in microphone allows for two-way communication, enabling you to interact with visitors or deter potential intruders remotely. You can greet guests, issue warnings, or communicate with delivery personnel – all through your connected security system.
  • Clear Vision in Any Lighting: HiLook cameras are equipped with advanced technology to ensure clear images in all lighting conditions. This camera offers good night vision with an infrared range of 30 meters, allowing you to maintain constant surveillance even during the darkest hours.
  • Durable & All-Weather Construction: Built to withstand harsh Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast weather conditions, the HiLook IPC-T261H-MU camera features a weatherproof IP67 rating. This signifies protection against dust, rain, snow, and even extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance year-round.

  • Expert Advice & Camera Selection: Our security specialists have in-depth knowledge of both HiLook and Hikvision product lines. We will help you choose the right camera for your needs and property layout, considering your budget and desired features.
  • Professional Installation Services: Our certified technicians will ensure optimal performance and picture quality with professional camera installation.
  • Complete Security System Integration: We can seamlessly integrate the HiLook camera with your existing security system for a unified and comprehensive security solution.