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Hikvision DS-2XS2T41G1-ID4GC05S07 4MP Solar-powered Security Camera 4mm Lens

Hikvision DS-2XS2T41G1-ID4GC05S07 4MP Solar-powered Security Camera 4mm Lens

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This 4MP solar-powered camera offers exceptional image quality, wire-free installation, and intelligent features, making it ideal for areas with limited power access or for those wanting a clean, cable-free aesthetic.

  • Solar-Powered & Wire-Free: Powered by the sun and integrated battery, this camera eliminates the need for running wires, making installation effortless – ideal for remote locations or areas with limited access to power outlets.
  • High-Quality Imaging: Capture clear 4MP resolution footage with superior detail, ensuring you can identify people and objects of interest.
  • Smart Detection: Human and vehicle detection features minimize false alarms and allow you to focus on relevant activity.
  • Two-Way Talk: Communicate directly with visitors or deter intruders with the built-in microphone and speaker for added security.
  • Durable & Weatherproof (IP67): Built to withstand harsh Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast weather conditions.
  • 4G Connectivity: The camera utilizes 4G cellular networks for data transmission, providing reliable communication even in remote locations without a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Expert Advice & Camera Selection: Our security specialists will help you determine if a solar-powered camera is the right solution for your needs and property layout.
  • Professional Installation: Our technicians can professionally install and configure your camera for optimal performance, ensuring a clean and functional setup. (Sunshine Coast, wire-free security camera installation)
  • Complete Security System Integration: We can integrate the Hikvision camera with your existing security system for a unified solution.