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Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2P-LSU/SL 8MP Panoramic ColorVu Turret Camera 4mm Dual Lens

Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2P-LSU/SL 8MP Panoramic ColorVu Turret Camera 4mm Dual Lens

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Fortify your Brisbane, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast property with the technologically advanced Hikvision DS-2CD2387G2P-LSU/SL security camera. This 8MP panoramic camera offers a wide-angle view, exceptional image quality, and advanced features, making it the perfect choice for comprehensive security with minimal camera placements.

  • Unmatched Coverage: Dual lenses capture a near 180-degree panoramic view, minimizing blind spots and maximizing your security coverage with a single camera.
  • Sharp 8MP Resolution: Capture high-definition footage with superior detail across the entire panoramic view, ensuring you don't miss a thing.
  • 24/7 ColorVu Technology: Experience vibrant color images even in low-light conditions, providing superior clarity for identification purposes.
  • Efficient Storage with H.265+: Advanced compression technology significantly reduces file sizes without sacrificing video quality, allowing for longer storage times.
  • Clear Imaging in Challenging Light: WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology combats backlighting for clear images even in areas with bright and dark spots.
  • AI-Powered Focus: Deep learning algorithms prioritize human and vehicle activity, reducing false alarms triggered by irrelevant motion.
  • Active Deterrence: Built-in strobe light and siren effectively ward off intruders before they can cause damage.
  • Durable & Weatherproof (IP67): Built to withstand harsh Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast weather conditions.

  • Expert Advice & Camera Selection: Our security specialists will recommend the ideal camera for your property layout and security needs, considering the panoramic view advantage.
  • Seamless Installation: Ensure optimal performance and a clear, undistorted panoramic view with our professional camera installation services.
  • Complete Security System Integration: We can integrate the Hikvision camera with your existing security system for a unified solution.